Health Care Professionals

TickfreeNH Health Care Practice packet contains the rack card, poster, factsheet, tick scoop and branded folder.With one of the highest rates of Lyme disease in the country, New Hampshire has been impacted significantly by tickborne diseases. As a health care professional in New Hampshire, you can play a key role in reducing the spread of tick-borne diseases. The Tick Free NH Council and Tick Free NH provide NH health care professionals with resources on tick prevention to share with your patients and encourage protective behaviors against tickborne diseases.

In 2019 TFNH conducted a health care professional survey to ascertain current practices and level of need for educational materials on tickborne disease. These materials for NH medical centers and practices were created from what health care professionals told us they needed to increase and enhance the conversations they have with their patients around tickborne disease prevention.

Get Involved

If you are an active or retired healthcare worker from any NH healthcare-related setting, including clinical and non-clinical ones, or are a student or trainee in any healthcare-related discipline in New Hampshire, please support NH Healthcare Workers for Climate Action, a young grassroots and nonpartisan organization! As healthcare workers are uniquely positioned to increase public awareness of the links between health and climate change, NHHWCA seek to provide NH healthcare workers the tools to educate and mobilize the public in support of climate solutions to improve health for all.

Join the Tick Free NH Council

The Tick Free NH Council is an advisory group that convenes quarterly to prioritize prevention activities and identify and leverage partnerships in tickborne disease prevention. Tick Free NH is a donor-funded project which provides education and resources at no-cost to all NH residents to help them protect themselves from tick encounters. Contact us for more information.