black lab dog being checked for ticksIf your pet spends much time outdoors, a tick check should be part of your daily routine.

There are many different products on the market today that protect your pets from tick-transmitted diseases. The most popular tick bite prevention products are topical sprays and spot-ons. Correctly and timely applied to your pets skin, these products can greatly reduce the chances of tick bites.

Permethrin is safe for pets when your clothes have dried, but NOT when wet for cats or small dogs. Speak with your veterinarian.

TickEncounter Resource Center

Check for ticks on your pet. Don’t limit tick checks to your canine family members. Dogs can’t directly transmit tick-borne illnesses to people, but ticks can move from host to host. A tick may enter your home on your dog’s back and move on to another pet or human, or a tick could hitch a ride on you and then move on to one of your pets.

For more information visit the Humane Society and the Tick Encounter Resource Center.



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