About Tick Free NH

New Hampshire has one of the highest incidence rates of Lyme disease in the country. Tickborne illnesses are on the rise in New Hampshire. There are five different tickborne illnesses in New Hampshire: Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, Powassan virus and Borrelia miyamotoi. All of these illnesses are transmitted by the blacklegged tick.
Tick Free New Hampshire: Prevent, Inspect, Remove
Through private donations, Tick Free New Hampshire was created as an answer to this growing problem. Tick Free NH began as a social marketing and grassroots media campaign to engage NH residents and educate them on how to protect themselves from getting a tick bite.

This targeted health messaging campaign provides specific messaging for care-takers of young children and teens, outdoor workers, and recreational outdoors enthusiasts. Tick Free NH strives to provide materials at no cost to schools and camps, community centers, parks and individuals via online orders. All donations go towards the purchase of new materials and shipping costs. Recently, Tick Free NH teamed up with the NH Climate Health Program to create a “Tick-Safe Practices: Train-the-Trainer” series and eLearning platform. Tick Free NH has been working hard to educate all residents that everyone in NH is at risk of being bitten by a tick.

With thousands of materials distributed to date, the demand only keeps growing. Join us and support this important work.

Tick Free NH works in collaboration with the Tick Free New Hampshire Council and the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services